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Cushion for ergonomic seating

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Komodo is a unique, ergonomic cushion that takes the form of a three-dimensional wedge with non-slip support. Why a three-dimensional wedge? Because it has three different inclinations. Its unique form improves comfort, reducing pressure on the glutes, coccyx and lumbar vertebras.


First Inclination

  • Function: To keep the natural anteversion of the pelvis.
  • Effect: Reduces the retroversion of the pelvis and the straightening of the lumbar curve.


Second Inclination

  • Function: To offer the maximum resting surface for the glutes, allowing the natural inclination of the pubic angle of 85 to 130 degrees.
  • Effect: Prevents bedsores caused by prolonged periods in a sitting position, and reduces pressure on the pelvic area.


Third Inclination

The third inclination is built into the flared part of the longitudinal section of the cushion.
  • Function: To ergonomically sustain the triangle of the coccyx and assist thermoregulation.
  • Effect: Reduces the crushing of the coccyx and overheating of the prostate.


Non-Slip Support

The KOMODO cushion has a raised part, or support, at the front, preventing the slipping forward of the glutes and helping to maintain the natural anteversion of the pelvis.



The external coating is a transpiring microfiber, resistant to more than 60,000 rubbings, and washable at low temperatures. The inside is made of three materials:
  • Viscoelastic anti-decubitus;
  • Elastic polyurethane of high density;
  • Polyurethane of comfort density.
These materials are assembled and layered to give the highest degree of ergonomic design and comfort.


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