Neck Pain Reducer

The most common symptoms of a cervical degenerative disc are neck pain and headaches. Cervical pain is often caused by prolonged incorrect postures, like those that most people have when they’re sitting for a long time at a desk, in front of a computer or in the car. Ignoring the pain can cause it to spread to shoulders and arms.

The KomfortChair cures and prevents the development of cervical pain. Its ergonomic shape restores the normal curves of the spine, erasing the deformations in the soft tissues and development of those annoying neck and shoulder pains.

The KomfortChair also supports the whole back, realigning the physiological lumbar posture, restoring the correct degree of kyphosis and always conferring a correct posture to the spine.

The effects are visible immediately:

  • Pressure between the vertebrae decreases giving immediate relief to neck and back muscles, and preventing fatigue.
  • The recovery of normal spinal curves and the alignment of the spinal column restore correct postures even when standing or walking.
  • The chest cage is finally opened and relaxed, reducing compression over the ribcage and easing the flow of the nervous, lymphatic and cardiac systems.

The KomfortChair helps to cure existing cervical pain, but also prevents all those symptoms of cervical disease which can make a day hard.

Buy your Ergonomic KomfortChair now and discover how to get relief from cervical pain.