Where To Use It

Ergonomic Cushion

Komfort Cushion is practical and easy to move. For these reasons it can be conveniently used as lumbar cushion at home, ensuring a perfect posture during your homework or when you enjoy your relax time on the couch, watching tv.

This great lumbar support cushion is perfectly portable, so you can bring it to your office and place it on your office chair. It does not matter which kind of seat you have: thanks to its adjustable stripes, the Cushion Ruby is compatible with any kind of chair/seat-back.

Thanks to its features, Komfort Cushion is the perfect companion for car, taxi or truck drivers and even of the racing cars pilots. In fact, it is demonstrated that this amazing lumbar cushion for cars is able to attenuate and absorb shocks, vibrations and stress to which pilots are subjected.

This portable and corrective posture Cushion is a great device for all those business who want their customers happy and who like to giving them a moment of healthy relaxation. Dentists, hairstylist, beauty salons and many other types of business promoters of a healthy lifestyle choose to use Komfort Cushion daily, as seat back cushion for their clients.

Komfort Cushion is versatile and adaptable to any type of chairs and needs.

Buy it now and discover the pleasure of a correct posture: always and wherever you are.