Proper sitting posture

Proper Sitting Posture

By paying attention to how to sit or keep a sitting position for a long period, you can preserve your posture and, with that, your health.
It is considered a good sitting posture when your back, especially in its lower zone, is properly supported.

Avoid incorrectly slouching where the spine rotates excessively forward or backward. This results in the loss of the inward lumbar curve, which could cause a painful lordosis or an hyperkyphosis.

If you have a normal office chair, you necessarily have to adjust it by changing the height, the seat-back position and tilt until you find the right parameters to suit the size of your body.
If you do not have any better solution, like a ergonomically designed kneeling chair, your feet should be flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs, as this can cause posture-related problems.

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