Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector

Komfort Cushion is a posture corrector device that acts on your back restoring the normal spinal curves and saving unnecessary efforts of your back muscles.

Thanks to its ergonomic structure it works simultaneously on many different areas of your back.
By pushing on the lumbar area, Komfort Cushion supports the lower back which otherwise should bear all the column’s weight and it prevents an excessive lumbar widening, which could cause a painful lordosis.

The upper part of your back is straightened, ensuring the recovery of a correct dorsal kyphosis. The retroversion of shoulders allows a great chest opening that otherwise tends always to be locked in forward. This encourages proper breathing and relaxation of the abdominal area, improving the heaviness sensation that often afflicts people who spend hours sitting.

Komfort Cushion is made by a viscoelastic mixtur that memorizes your lines, ensuring a mirate work always focused on your back. For this reason is also comfortable despite its correctional use.

Komfort Cushion belts allow it to be placed anywhere you prefer: on your home chairs, at the office or on your car back seat, ensuring always a good posture in every moment of your day.

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