Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain (or lumbago) is one of most common pathologies among people in their working age.

Today, most of the population has a sedentary lifestyle. This is the proven and leading cause of lumbar back pain. It has been proved that spending many hours sitting decreases the trunk-thigh angle and causes a consequent flattening of the lumbar curve.

Furthermore, the normal front overloading due to prolonged sitting can cause a posterior protrusion or extrusion of lower lumbar intervertebral disc, originating stress and fatigue for back muscles and the entire spine.

Komfort Cushion cures and prevents the development of lumbar back pain. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it restores the normal curves of the spine, erasing the deformations of the vertebral column’s soft tissues and the developing of that annoying lumbar/peripheral pain.

In addition, reducing the overloading of the inter-vertebral joints, Komfort Cushion gives immediate relief to the lower back and also corrects the posture of the entire body.

Due to its action on the lumbar muscles, Komfort Cushion helps abdomen and chest to relax, eliminating the annoying feeling of indigestion, abdominal heaviness, short breathing and chest pain sensations that often afflict who works long time in a sitting position.

That’s why this back support device should be used by all subjects at risk of developing low-back pain, in particular workers spending most of their time on a seat/chair.

Buy now your Komfort Cushion and get rid of lower back pain.