Computer Sitting Posture

Computer sitting posture

For those who spend many hours in front of the computer, good posture becomes a must to avoid chronic back problems and joint pain in adulthood.

Keeping a good posture at the computer means to respect the normal curves of our spine. This can be easily achieved by using a proper ergonomic chair or devices such Komfort Cushion which forces the spine and back muscles to observe a proper posture to prevent pain and muscle fatigue.

Here are few tips to get a 100% Ergonomic workstation:

Keep your back straight, abdomen relaxed and open the chest to aid breathing and good blood circulation. If you have an ordinary office chair, usually you have to adjust it by changing its height, the seatback position and tilt until you find the right parameters to suit the size of your body. If you do not have any better solutions, like an

ergonomically designed kneeling chair, your feet should be flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs, as this can cause posture-related problems.

Sit close to your keyboard by positioning it directly in front of your body. Consider using wrist rest devices for keyboard and mouse. They will help you to maintain neutral postures and avoid fatigue and shoulders pain. Place the phone or whatever device you need within easy reach.
Adjust the monitor and center it exactly in front of you so that your neck is in a neutral and relaxed position. The top of the monitor should be approximately 6 cm above your eye level. If you use progressive lenses lower the monitor until you read comfortably.

Take a short break every 20-30 minutes. After working for an hour, change task for at least 5 or 10 minutes to improve your attention and focus ability. Never have your lunch or meals at the computer.

Komfort Cushion was created to improve and correct the posture of those who spend many hours at the computer, to support their back area and to avoid annoying neck and shoulders pains.

Try it today and you will realize how work can be less tiring and more productive.