Car Seat Back Support

Car Seat Back Support

Komfort Cushion was designed right after a long drive during which its inventor felt an annoying back pain.

Determined to improve his condition, Komfort Cushions’s inventor collected orthopedic and physiotherapy studies and created this innovative and ergonomic car seat cushion, perfect for those who spend long time sitting in the car.

It does not matter which kind of car you have: thanks to its adjustable stripes, Komfort Cushion can be adapted to any seat-back in a car or in a truck.

Due to its special ergonomic shape the upper part of the back is straightened, ensuring the recovery of a correct dorsal kyphosis. The retroversion of shoulders allows a great chest opening that otherwise tends to be always locked in forward. This encourages proper breathing and relaxation of the abdominal area, improving the heaviness that often afflicts people who spend hours sitting in a car.

Thanks to its features, Komfort Cushion has aroused the interest of the racing cars sports. In fact, it is demonstrated that this amazing lumbar cushion for cars is able to attenuate and absorb shocks, vibrations and stress to which pilots are subjected.

To meet this particular type of customer the Ergonomic Pillow is also available with special anchoring systems and made by fireproof material.

For all these reasons Komfort Cushion is the versatile and thr perfect back support cushion for drivers: they can apply it on any seat and take it with them on every trip.

Buy your Komfort Cushion and rediscover the pleasure of driving.