Komfort Chair Technical Sheet

Komfort Chair Technical specifications

Patent Pantented by Roberto Lovaldi (European patent n. 2130457 of 19/10/2011)
Certification Italian Certification: DLgs 81/08 per sedie VDT
Technical Documentation For doctors, osteopaths, and posturologists
Amount of Space Occupied 1 mq approximately ingombro sedia ergo
Seat Height (from the ground) Min. 46cm / max. 56cm
(Up to 10 cm more with inclined seat)
Seat Width 47 cm
Knees-Rest Width 46 cm
(Every knee rest measures 16cm in width. The space between them is 14cm.)
Diameter Base 70cm
Wheels 5 auto-block wheels of soft rubber
Weight 25 kg approximately
Materials Steel, Plastic (wheels), fabric.
Tilt The chair is fully adjustable between zero and 17 degrees
Knees Rest Can be set in two positions. Without the blocking ring the knee rest can move freely, following the position of the user’s legs. Its 360 degree movement around the seat allows it to hide at the back. The height from ground (not adjustable) is 30cm at its lowest part and 36cm at its highest part. Another version has two adjustable settings and a free tilt option.
Back Support Plank The steel back support plank is tested to sustain a 40kg horizontal pressure. Yield point: 70kg.
Chair Use Komfort Chairs have been developed for people who spend many hours in front of a computer, desk, microscope and in any job which requires continued sitting. Do not lean the chair backwards or forward as it could be dangerous.
Warranty Two years on every mechanical part
Shipping Dimensions: 57x48x68h – 26Kg Shipping specs


Fabric Technical

Description Compact Fabric

Application Office / Contract / Luggage / Transportation
Composition 100% Polyester Trevira CS
Weight 365g/ml 260g/m²
Abrasion Resistance ISO 12947/2 60.000 cycles
Color Fastenss To Light 6 (blue scale)
Fastenss To Rubbing ISO 105-X12 4/5 (grey scale)
Fire Resitance (in some tests classification depends on the foam used) C1 (UNI 9174 – UNI 8456)
M1 (NF P 92501-7)
B1 (DIN 4102)
EN 1021-1 cigarette
EN 1021-2 match
Crib 5 (BS 5852 part II)
IMO Res. A652 (16)
AM 18 (EN D 60013)
BS 7176 Medium Hazard
More information about fire resistance tests
Maintenance Fabric care advice
Available versions


Faux leather Technical

Description Faux leather Magnum
Composition 88%PVC 7%PL 4%CO 1% PU(polycarbonate)
Weight 715 gr/mq ± 10%
Thickness 1,1 mm ± 0,1
Tensile Strength Exceeding UNI EN ISO 1421 length: ≥ 25 daN/5 cm
height: ≥ 15 daN/5 cm
Elongation At Break UNI 4818-9 length: ≥ 23 %
height: ≥ 140 %
Tear Strength UNI 4818-9 length: ≥ 9 daN
height: ≥ 7 daN
Delamination UNI EN ISO 2411 ≥ 3 da/N5 cm
Flex Resistance ≥ 200.000 / years guaranteed
Abrasion Resistance UNI EN ISO 5470-2 – martindale ≥ 100.000
Color Fastenss To Light ISO 105 B 02 – xeno ≥ 5
Color Fastenss To Rubbing SO 105 X 12 – crockmeter secco: ≥ 5 / umido: ≥ 5
Color Fastenss To Alchool VESLIC ≥ 100
Color Fastenss To Jeans VESLIC ≥ 50
Antibacterial And Antimycotic ULTRA-FRESH Fresh, hygienical, odours free.
Phthalates Free R.E.A.C.H. 1907/2006/EU
Breathable Fabric micropore
Elastic yes
Fire Resistance ITALY: CLASSE 1 IM
EUROPE: EN 1021 1-2
U.K.: BS 5852 0-1
U.S.A.: California Bull. 117 sez. E
NAVALE: IMO Resolution


Cushioning Technical

Description ABFLAM, Polyurethane system on a TDI base, completely water expanded. Non-deformable (it comes back to its original shape when you stand up). It does not contain harmful sustances such as CFC, PBDE, PBB or heavy metals.
Certification UNI 9175:2010
Processing Report POL 100/iso 56 p. weight
Density ISO 845 50 Kg/m³
Tensile Strength ASTM 3574 160 KPa
Elongation At Break ASTM 3574 105%
Tear Strength ASTM 3574 2.3 N/cm
Resilienza UNI 6357 63%
Compression Set (50%, 1 skin) ASTM 3574 5.6%
C.L.D. 40% DIN 53577 6.0 KPa
Burning Behaviour MVSS 302: passa
UNI CT 225: passa