Back Pain Relief

The KomfortChair was created for people who spend much of their lives in their seats. Its ability to realign the normal curves of the spine has made it scientifically proven not only to prevent back pain and associated back problems but also to treat and cure back conditions in people who already suffer from them.

The spine is composed of four main physiological curves: the cervical; the thoracic; the lumbar; and the sacral curve. A prolonged sitting position is not a natural posture. It tends to change these curves, producing the following consequences:

  • Back Muscle Pain: Muscle pain can come in different areas and have different intensity. It might be an occasional twinge but sometimes it can also be a constant and chronic back pain.
  • Incorrect Posture: The prolonged compression of the spine changes its curvature so much that people are sometimes unable to stand and walk properly.
  • Abdominal And Chest Pain: Prolonged compression over the rib cage can cause digestion problems, short breathing and cardiac stress.

The KomfortChair works to restore the normal curves of the spine while seated. The results can be seen immediately:

  • Pressure between vertebrae decreases, giving an immediate relief to back muscles and fatigue.
  • The recovery of normal spinal curves and column alignment brings back a correct posture when standing or walking.
  • The chest cage is finally open and relaxed, reducing compression over the rib cages and promoting flow in the nervous, lymphatic and cardiac systems.
  • The KomfortChair treats existing conditions but also prevents symptoms that make your working hours feel heavy and stressful.

Buy now your new KomfortChair now and say goodbye to back pain and stress while you work.