World’s most configurable ergonomic chair for posture correction

Developed to prevent and alleviate back pain and neck contractures, the Komfort Chair is an ergonomic, convertible and multi-posture office chair. Specifically built to be configurable in each detail, this posture correction ergonomic chair is produced in Italy. The Komfort Chair was designed for those who spend a long time in front of a computer or in a state of frontal posture, and meets all European standards and requirements.

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The Most Ergonomic And Flexible Multi-Posture Chair For Your Office

Available in black or white eco-leather and black or blue breathable fabric.

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We are all different:
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World’s most adjustable ergonomic chair

Komfort Chair is the only chair that allows you to freely adjust the angle and depth of the seat, the depth and height of the backrest, remove or tilt the knee rests, raise and lower or open and close the armrests.

The most adjustable ergonomic chair in the world

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Hundreds of companies, government agencies, private individuals, professionals, technicians and others have chosen Komfort Chairs. What are you waiting for?

The most adjustable ergonomic chair in the world