The Most Ergonomic And Flexible
Multi-Posture Chair For Your Office

Developed to prevent and alleviate back pain and neck contractures, the Komfort Chair is an ergonomic, convertible and multi-posture office chair. Produced in Italy, the Komfort Chair was designed for those who spend a long time in front of a computer or in a state of frontal posture, and meets all European standards and requirements.

All The Adjustments You Need

Adjustable height Adjustable tilt djustable depth of the back support Adjustable tilt for the back support Adjustable height for the back support 360° rotating knees-rest Adjustable Armrests

Because the chair can be adjusted freely from 45cm to 56cm in height, and even 66cm in the tilted setting, it can be used by people between 1.50 meters and 2.10 meters in height.

If you have a recognized back condition, before choosing your back support, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor. Take this medical sheet which contains full descriptions of our Komfort Chair models.

If you do not have a recognized back condition, choose from our range of models on the basis of your current seating posture. People whose shoulders tend to hunch should select the Spine back rest. Those who only want to prevent back conditions associated with long hours in front of a computer should use the horizontal back rest of the Komfort Back and Komfort Hernia models.

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Hundreds of companies, government agencies, private individuals, professionals, technicians and others have chosen Komfort Chairs. What are you waiting for?

About Us

Roberto Lovaldi designed and built the Ergonomic Komfort Chair in order to relieve his back pain after a slipped disc. He liked his new chair so much he set up a company to share it with others.
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