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Multi-Posture Chair for your Office.

Developed to prevent and alleviate back pain and neck contractures, Komfort Chair is an ergonomic Office Chair, Convertible and Multi Posture. Produced in Italy, Komfort Chair matches European Standards & Requirements. It is designed for those who spend long time in front of the computer or in situations of frontal posture

Adjustable height Adjustable Tilt Adjustable depth of the back support Adjustable tilt for the back support Adjustable height for the back support 360°  rotating knees-rest

The chair can be adjusted freely between 45 cm up to 56cm in height, which can become 66 cm in the tilted setting. Thanks to these adjustments the chair can be used by people 1.50mt 2.10 mt tall.


Komfort BACK

Komfort Back is the new model of the previous Komfort Save. With the new version you still can recline the seat as you prefer, use the knees-rest and adjust the embracing backseat, designed exactly for back problems and slipped disc pathologies.

Lumbar back supportLumbar back support: with its embracing and concave shape and thanks to its adjustable tilt, it is suitable for a daily use and for those people who got lumbar problems and slipped disc pathologies.

Fixed Knees-restsFixed Knees-rests: suitable for people without knees pathologies and 1,65/2,00mt tall. It can be turned around the seat at 360°.

Seat without armrestSeat without armrest: designed for an Ergonomic Use, it is easy to set in its horizontal and tilted mode.


Komfort Spine is a full optional version of the Komfort Back model. With a special Lumbar Spine Support Seatback it is designed for those who suffer from postural disorders and back pain. It got adjustable armrest and knees-rest and multiple settings available.

Lumbar Spine Support SeatbackLumbar Spine Support Seatback: It is highly recommended for those who suffer from dorsal and lumbar back pain, as it helps to expand the chest avoiding spinal buckling and kyphotic postures.

The knees-restThe knees-rest: can be set in two different positions. Without the blocking ring it can freely move following the position of your legs. It can be turned around the seat at 360°.

Seat with tailbone cutout: minimizes direct contact with coccyx reducing the stress that can build-up during prolonged seating.


Some of Our Clients

Hundreds of companies, government agencies , privates, professionals, technicians and many others havechosen Komfort Chairs. What are you waiting for?

About Us

Roberto Lovaldi designed and built the Ergonomic Komfort Chair in order to relieve his back pain after a slipped disc pathology. And then he set up a company about it.
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